The AI Revolution: Transforming the Customer Experience Landscape  

As we step into the future of what a customer experience is, the possibilities with AI promise a new era of innovation and growth. 

Keith Goedde

Vice President, Cloud Strategy

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    The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has marked a paradigm shift in numerous sectors, and it’s having an unparalleled impact on the business world. From automated processes to personalized experiences, AI is revolutionizing the way we understand and leverage technology. More specifically, AI’s transformative power is increasingly noticeable in the customer experience (CX) landscape. 

    The importance of our interaction with current technologies can hardly be overstated. This interplay forms the bedrock of AI’s adoption and expansion. Lori Lamkin, corporate Vice President for Dynamics 365 CX at Microsoft, asserts that the AI transformation equates to a seismic shift even greater than the move to the cloud. AI is poised to redefine the way people work and interact with computers, creating a fundamental change at the UI level, comparable to the revolutionary wave of the 90s. 

    A New Era of Customer and Employee Experience

    So, what does this AI revolution mean for customer experience? It’s all about fostering stronger connections between companies and their customers, as well as companies and their employees. It’s about using technology as a pathway through the uncertainty characterizing our rapidly changing world. Amidst this flux, two constants remain rising customer expectations and an unstoppable technological transformation. 

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    In today’s evolving landscape, employees are not just passive spectators. They’re active participants demanding a new digital employee experience. According to recent surveys, 85% of employees desire digital tools that make them more agile, automate daily tasks, and enhance accessibility to information. Moreover, 89% of employees who have access to automation and AI-powered tools report feeling more fulfilled. These tools enable them to focus on meaningful work, thus fostering employee loyalty and deeper connections. 

    Digital Employee Experiences

    An Opportunity for a Cohesive Experience

    Historically, many CRM solutions have fallen short, merely tracking what employees do rather than assisting them. They add tasks rather than providing useful tools or solutions. Lamkin asserts that Microsoft believes what employees need is completely achievable. Tools need to provide data that empowers employees to get their jobs done efficiently. 

    Additionally, many CRM solutions are compartmentalized into Sales, Marketing, and Service. But the customer journey is not compartmentalized – it encompasses interaction with all departments. This calls for a cohesive customer journey mapped across a unified data platform, providing a 360-degree view of the customer. And that’s where AI and the concept of copilots come into play. 

    Dynamics 365 has paved the way for radical change. Where businesses once relied on blasting out email communications, they now have an opportunity to interact with customers based on real-time actions. This transition creates a more conversational experience, fostering increased connection and personalization. 

    Sales teams can access data about each customer that includes what marketing messages they have received or responded to, prior sales history, customer service requests, and much more – all within a single view. Customer service teams can better understand a customer’s sentiment before even talking with them one one-on-one.  

    With everything on one platform, and all data living in Dataverse, every member of your team has a better understanding of each customer.  

    Customer Experience and Service Solutions

    The Dawn of AI Copilots: Unlocking a New Era of Innovation

    The Age of AI

    We are entering an era of AI that will break the world out of its stagnant productivity cycle and set the stage for a new era of innovation.  

    Enter Copilot

    Named intentionally, these are not autopilot systems or mere automation tools, but intelligent assistants designed to generate content, spark creativity, automate cognitive tasks, and even complete work. 

    These next-generation AI solutions unlock and democratize capabilities that were previously inaccessible, enabling businesses to leverage untapped data. They move beyond manual task management and data entry to AI-powered task automation and seamless data integration. AI is transforming from generic, one-size-fits-all messaging to highly personalized content, and from reactive decision-making to proactive, AI-powered intelligence and reports infused into your workflow. 

    Microsoft’s vision is to lead this transformation by bringing data together for you at the point you need it, to ensure that your customers have phenomenal experiences with your company. The concept of AI copilots removes the need for technical specialists in areas like marketing automation, making it accessible to everyone on your team. 

    Microsoft’s Viva Sales, for instance, can generate suggested replies for sellers and even take notes during calls, capturing meeting highlights, questions asked, and follow-ups. It can generate customer-ready summaries to be emailed out, enabling sellers to close deals faster. 

    The Microsoft Difference: Best-in-Class AI

    What sets Microsoft apart is its commitment to the ethical and responsible use of AI. The data can be accessed and used for context and prompts into the foundational model, tailoring it to company communication styles and culture. The user interface can seamlessly blend between applications, providing a smooth experience, yet remaining within compliance and data boundaries. This ensures that your information stays within your company. 

    Microsoft is the first to run all of these language learning models in Azure, setting a new precedent in the world of AI. As we continue to embrace the AI revolution, we move towards a future where technology not only serves our needs but also anticipates them, offering a seamless, personalized, and efficient experience for all. 

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    Microsoft is a leader in responsible AI business apps

    These tools and capabilities are what people have always wanted, and now it’s coming to reality, helping you connect to more customers in a more meaningful way. 

    Best Practices for Microsoft AI Deployment

    Velosio stands at the forefront of this revolutionary journey, poised to guide you through the transformative landscape of AI technology. With our in-depth understanding and expertise, we are committed to helping you harness the potential of AI to streamline your specific operations. We are thrilled about embarking on this adventure with our clients and with our partner Microsoft. As we step into the future, the possibilities with AI are boundless and incredibly exciting, promising a new era of innovation and growth. 

    How can Copilot affect your company’s workflow and goals? Contact us to learn the benefits of Copilot and how it can impact your company’s workflow for the better.

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    Keith Goedde

    Vice President, Cloud Strategy

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