on premise to cloud erp benefits

The Softer Side of the Cloud: Three Benefits Beyond Tech

Moving critical business operations such as ERP or CRM to the Cloud is an important decision. To justify the change, you need a solid business case. When you calculate benefits such as increased security, elimination of data silos, and lower total cost of ownership, the value of the Cloud becomes clear. The great thing about…
Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Support End of Life

Windows 7 and Windows Service 2008 R2 End of Life

Following our recent ransomware post and alert —if your computer was a cat, and your cat has 9 lives, then … your computer’s time is nigh. Microsoft is on to Windows 10, and your time is up. Microsoft’s extended support for Microsoft 7 ended January 14th. While your computer still runs, it simply will prove…
ransomware security assessment

HAPPY NEW YEAR. It’s Time for a Free Ransomware Reality Check

You got through the holidays, and hopefully all your relatives safely departed. Uncle Buck finally went home. Your annual threat of personal and property damage is thwarted and tucked away for another year. Now it’s time to shore things up at work. How digitally secure are you in the new year? Have you done a…