Cloud-based CRM Sales, Marketing and Services Solutions

A customer relationship management (CRM) system increases your profitability by streamlining administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions and letting you focus on building and maintaining the customer relationships that matter. A strong, cloud-based CRM software solution is a multifaceted platform where everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your customer relationship is stored.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can choose a stand-alone application to meet the needs of a specific line of business or use multiple tools that work together as a powerful integrated, cloud CRM software solution.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Go beyond sales force automation to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals. Sell smarter with embedded insights, foster relationships, boost productivity, accelerate sales performance, and innovate with a modern and adaptable platform. Use AI capabilities to track customer relationships and automate sales execution with contextual prompts that drive sales strategy.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Increase customer demand for your products and services, create seamless customer experiences, and improve marketing results with multichannel campaigns, nurture sales-ready leads, and planning and tracking tools that integrate with your existing apps and services. Create seamless customer experiences through marketing automation, shared data, and processes connected to Dynamics 365 Sales.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Deliver guided, intelligent service and support on any channel with a unique ability to work with your existing systems. Empower customers and agents with the tools they need to ensure quick and accurate resolution, every time including multichannel service options, surveys and feedback forms, and data analysis and predictive care.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Empower your field agents, technicians and engineers to create a better customer experience with streamlined scheduling, inventory management, IoT-enabled functionality, and on-site efficiency. Offer quick and transparent communications and tracking functionalities to keep customers connected to your employees in the field.



Benefits of Cloud-based CRM Software

No matter how complex your business requirements or how diverse your operations are, our solutions can help you streamline your sales and customer service operations. Benefits of the cloud based CRM software include:

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Easy-to-manage and highly scalable per-user licenses
  • Reduces IT expenses and in-house maintenance efforts
  • Provides streamlined business workflows
  • Centralized customer information can be accessed anywhere, from any device

These solutions help you streamline your sales processes, boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, add insight and provide an excellent service experience to your customers. The result is one system that provides 360-degree customer information and relevant insights.

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