New Video Release: Collections Functionality for Microsoft Dynamics AX (2 min, 22 sec)

This brief video demonstration for current and prospective Microsoft Dynamics AX customers seeking a solution to manage their collection process and reporting.

Unfortunately, all companies have customers that don’t pay on time. Those late or missing payments need to be categorized and tracked for your collections or accounting department. On the new Microsoft Dynamics AX, there is a new collections and credit functionality for accounting departments to take advantage of. Create custom collection letters, run customer aging reports over a certain time period, and calculate interest on overdue payments in this new collections module. AXIO Enterprise Solutions take the collections functionality on Microsoft Dynamics AX and makes it easier for you to navigate.

Watch as an AX expert from SBS Group demonstrates the collections and credit functionality on the new Microsoft Dynamics AX.

To learn more, check out our on-demand video series featuring Microsoft Dynamics AX and AXIO.

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