What are GP Web Services and Why Should I Care?

Many people confuse web services with web pages. They are not the same thing. Today we go over GP Web Services and how to use them.

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    One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 is that it can extend connections between both people and systems. One way it accomplishes this is through the 350 Web Services that it makes available “out-of-the-box”.  Unless you are a developer, you may not know what Web Services are or how they should factor into your decision to purchase a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

    Many people confuse web services with web pages.  They are not the same thing.  A web service is exactly that, a service.  It is available to serve the calling program with the data and functions necessary to interact with the underlying database without giving the caller direct access to the tables themselves.  This ensures that the proper updates and data relationships are maintained and shielded from the caller, handling the details behind the scenes.

    A Web Service is technology which allows a programmer to interact with an application using a standard, previously agreed upon method via the web. Therefore, Web Services technology allows the programmer to connect external applications to and from Microsoft Dynamics GP in a more standard/common way that offers more flexibility and scalability for process customizations and extensions.

    Because Web services integrations in GP 2010 no longer depend on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), there is no need to buy separate servers, which greatly simplifies infrastructure and reduces IT management costs.

    With so many Web Services available with GP 2010, your customization options are extremely broad and cost effective.  To speak with a Socius customization expert, contact us today!