Get Your Distribution Facility Fully Functional

Operating a distribution facility with success, whatever the size, presents its own unique set of supply chain dilemmas and inefficiencies to overcome. Effectively managing your inventory, ensuring accurate data transmissions, and providing advanced customer service are just some of the distribution challenges faced by companies today, that when vanquished, contribute to increased productivity and higher profit realization.

However, as a distributor, with the implementation of advanced software and newly designed supply chain management programs, you can solve your distribution challenges, and improve overall operational efficiency, consistency, and accuracy in your workflow activity, and establish precision controls that continue to improve your fulfillment performance.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

Every time an employee has to retrace their steps in a single pick, pack, or ship activity, you lose money in wasted payroll. And although the amount may seem miniscule, when multiplied by the number of employees and orders processed each day, this unnecessary expense compounds exponentially, contributing to excessive yearly costs.

Yet, with advanced distribution software, your distribution challenges to efficiency evaporate with program tools that speed informational smartlists directly to the employees. These lists contain detailed supply chain data that include priority and document status, shortage default fulfillment information, and other vital statistics your employees need to perform their jobs.

In addition, these programs allow you to configure fulfillment workflows and identify the key processes according to your specific operations and departments to maximize picking, packing, and shipping procedures, so that wasted efforts can be eliminated from your distribution process.

Improved efficiency in your workflows streamlines employee distribution tasks and decreases your order-to-invoice time, increasing your profit margins. By using advanced software applications, your company can overcome the distribution challenges to productivity with effective workflow solutions that breakdown the stages involved and provide your employees with the information they need to work smarter, better, and more efficiently.

For more information on the best software for your distribution  needs, contact one of SBS Group’s industry experts. For over 25 years SBS Group has been providing solutions for over 1800 ERP clients and was recently named as one of the Top 20 Microsoft VARs in the world.