Could You Get More from Your Business Software by Changing Partners?

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of your business software solutions, evaluating whether or not it is time to change partners might be a good move.

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    If you find yourself being frustrated by:

    • A lack of user adoption of your business software
    • A lack of alignment between your business solution and your business processes
    • A lack of results that you were anticipating from your business solution implementation
    • A lack of responsiveness from your software partner

    Then, you may find that issue might not be with the business software itself, but with the partner that implemented it.

    A TRUE partner will realize that your organization will gain the most value from your solutions over their long-term use, so they will endeavor to establish a long-term, value added relationship with you.  This relationship will yield a deep understanding of your organizational needs and processes, which will result in a tighter alignment between your business solutions and your business processes delivering a faster and greater return on your investment in those solutions.

    An example of this is Quick Solutions Inc. (QSI), an IT Consulting firm in Westerville, Ohio.  In 2011, they began a Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software implementation project, but were quickly disappointed with results.  After realizing that their solution was not aligned with their business processes, they understood why they were not using the system properly and were unable to obtain the desired and expected results.

    Ultimately, they realized that their existing software partner was the root of the issue.  They reached out to Socius, who was able to quickly and efficiently assess their business processes and align their solution with those processes.  In some instances, Socius recommended changing business processes in order to save time and limit the risk of errors.  The changes that Socius made dramatically improved QSI’s reporting, gave them real-time visibility into their business, and saved them time.

    QSI’s Director and Corporate Controller explained their satisfaction in these terms:  “Socius’ knowledge of the solution and our business has been invaluable to helping us achieve success and an actual ROI for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Being able to trust our technology partner and depend on them when we deal with issues, even after implementation, is truly priceless.”

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