How To Choose Your Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner

Achieving the most cost-effective licensing strategy begins with your selection of a Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner. Here is how to choose yours.

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    The solution to contending with intentional complexity and achieving the most cost-effective licensing strategy begins with your selection of a Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner. Velosio has proudly served in that capacity for thousands of customers over many years. In this article we will answer your questions on how to choose your Dynamics 365 implementation partner.

    How Velosio Can Help

    Our experts will help you understand:

    • The relationship between your software tenant, environments, instances, assigned & unassigned users.
    • Whether the professional license or enterprise license is appropriate for your company.
    • Which agreement to enter into, volume, enterprise, Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) or Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA).
    • Where to choose user licenses, attach licenses, base licenses, or device licenses.
    • How all the rules vary from version to version, and application to application.

    The role of your implementation partner is to handle all that complexity and do all that heavy lifting for you. We carefully examine your entire company and its operations. We develop an understanding and appreciation of your processes, and we then design a Dynamics 365 solution complete with all licensing and pricing for your approval.

    The Right Microsoft Partner Can Drive Business SuccessThe Right Microsoft Partner Can Drive Business Success

    What Does the Process Look Like?

    We’ll explain every bit of it to your satisfaction, answer your questions, and provide you with the confidence of knowing you’re selecting the best solution at the best pricing for your business. The process becomes clear and straightforward:

    • Inventory and Evaluate the Current State of Your Operations
    • Create Functional Specifications for Significant Improvement and a Proposed Future State
    • Build an Effective Training and Support Plan
    • Determine Most Cost-Effective Licensing Model
    • Upon Approval, Submit a Comprehensive Project Plan with Full Acceptance Criteria
    • Kick-Off the Project
    • Perform the Implementation and Required Data Migrations
    • Deliver Training
    • Go Live
    • Continue Support

    Choosing Velosio as Your Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner

    The success of your software implementation can grind to an unfortunate halt if your users won’t readily adopt the new platform you’ve installed. With proven solutions like the Dynamics 365 suite, the only reason this could happen would be if the solution wasn’t implemented well in the first place, or if insufficient user training was provided.

    This makes it critical to make the right selection of implementation partner, and the simplest way to accelerate that all-important decision is to disregard the bottom 99% of available partners.

    Focus instead on the top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners worldwide. Since you surely want to take the fullest advantage of the extensive integration opportunities Microsoft presents, also eliminate any partners who don’t support Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Azure and the Power Platform. Any partner who can manage all that with excellence is clearly the kind of highly resourced-partner you’re looking for.

    Remember that you’re implementing Dynamics 365 to support your business, so you’ll want to work with a partner organization that includes not only technology experts but also experienced professionals from your own industry. People who speak your language. People who will understand and fully appreciate your concerns, your needs, and your requirements.

    Finally, think about growth. Your company’s growth. You want a partner that can not only expand to accommodate and support your organization as it grows, a partner who helps companies like yours grow. Make the final ingredient you seek innovation. Find yourself a partner who has gone so far as to create new applications to support requirements from previous customers and now makes those innovative products available to you.

    This is how we define “partner.”

    Final Thoughts

    A good partner ensures Microsoft Dynamics migrations, implementations, and whatever’s “next” goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll still need to put in the work to make that happen. We’re talking about investing in culture, training, and developing a plan to ensure effective partner collaboration.

    Velosio is among Microsoft’s top 1% of high-performing partners. We offer a robust portfolio of solutions & services aimed at helping clients reap the benefits of D365 faster and optimizing for growth.

    You don’t have to do this alone. Learn how we can help you achieve your organization’s goals. Also, be sure to review our full Dynamics 365 Buyer’s Guide.

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