Velosio Recognized in Four 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Categories

Minimize Risk, Accelerate Profitability, and Protect Your Investment in your Portfolio Companies with the Microsoft Cloud

Velosio enables Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Family Office firms to gain informed business insights faster for their portfolio companies with the Microsoft Cloud.

5 Ways Velosio Delivers for Your Portfolio Companies:

1 – Simplify the Digital Journey

In a world filled with acronyms and technical jargon, Velosio offers plain language, budget transparency, and clear measures of success. Our solution portfolio includes Dynamics 365 business applications, Microsoft 365 productivity solutions, and Azure infrastructure and development solutions so you can simplify your IT supply chain. With Velosio you don’t have to cobble together multiple vendors, which saves you time and money. Our teams can interact with business decision makers as well as technical ones to facilitate change management within your portfolio companies.

2 – Realize Business Value Faster

Velosio recognizes that your portfolio companies need to deliver the benefits from their systems investments quickly. That’s why we’ve been the leader in accelerating the deployment of business solutions by bringing to your portfolio companies established best practices, business process maps, and learning tools that reduce the time to get up and running. Our Velosio Express Service Offerings provide fixed fee, modular implementation approaches that can get your companies up and running in less than a month in many cases. Plus our Velosio Client Success Offerings provide post implementation support and guidance at predictable, fixed costs. Together our approach reduces your risk and accelerates the profitability of your portfolio companies.

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Minimize Risk, Accelerate Profitability, and Protect Your Investment in your Portfolio Companies on the Microsoft Cloud



3 – Cultivate Fresh Ideas and Innovation

The third key way we deliver is by bringing new thinking to the table. We led our peers in developing new ways to manage cloud services, incorporating Microsoft’s Power Platform into innovative solutions, and working with leading third-party providers to extend and enhance your business systems. We work with hundreds of partners to make sure your companies are always aware of solutions that bring new benefits to their operations and customers. This protects your investment by assuring your companies are continually improving their operations.

4 – Interact with Peers and Experts

Another key way is through our constant cultivation of our ecosystem to permit multiple opportunities for customers to share their challenges, learn new tips, and continually improve their skills. Our monthly community calls and annual conferences help your portfolio companies learn how others are solving similar challenges, understand new features and product roadmaps, and develop deeper expertise in their business solutions.

5 – Gain Deeper Insights

The final key way we deliver for you is through promoting deeper insights into your portfolio companies. Whether that is through our dedicated Data Platform Services team which delivers analytic solutions or through our seasoned consultants who are working with your companies to refine your business processes, our goal is to expose the information you need to drive the profitability of your portfolio.

Leverage Velosio with our expertise and experience to support the growth of your portfolio companies.

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