Protect Profits with the Velosio Credit Management Module

Slow paying clients cause an organization major issues. Best practice credit control management ensures the business maximizes profit. The Velosio Credit Management System is a powerful credit management solution providing advanced features to enable credit managers to reduce bad debts and improve cash flow. Built in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and integrated with accounts receivable, sales orders and consolidated picking functionality, the Velosio Credit Management System provides credit managers with the ability to hold customer orders until credit problems have been resolved.

Key Features Include:

  • Allows the finance department to set credit limits for customers at the order through Enterprise Portal.
  • Past due tolerance amounts can be setup along with an aging action to take automatic suitable actions for customers having credit issues, such as hold shipments, send alert to credit manager, or stop new orders from being created.
  • Customer’s credit related information, which is required to resolve credit issues, is presented on a single credit approval screen for the credit manager.
  • Orders can be put in a pending state for credit managers to follow up orders with credit issues on a later date.
  • Credit managers can also approve orders partially. Individual lines of sales orders can be approved and allowed to be processed further.
  • The credit management module is integrated with the consolidated picking functionality so that sales orders are not activated for customers who have credit issues.

Download the PDF to learn more features and capabilities to help you protect profits with Velosio’s Credit Management solution.