Field Service or Project Service Automation: Which is Right for my Business?

Field Service or Project Service Automation: Which is Right for my Business?

Dynamics 365 offers two products that on the surface may seem similar but are very different and have much different use cases. For some organizations, it may be easy to determine if you’re a Field Service organization or a Project Service Automation organization; for others that may not be as simple to decide. Both solutions offer unified scheduling. They both allow you to schedule based on location or skills needed for the assigned task.

Here are some simple ways to determine if you should be looking at Field Service or PSA.

Field Service Project Service
Tracking/Consuming Inventory Planning of Multiday Engagements
Offline Mobility Scheduling of Resources Across Projects
Routing of People Entry of Time and Expenses
Service Agreements Analytics
Customer Billing (Billing completed work) Customer Billing (Billing in process engagements)

Some organizations manage installation activities as a “project”. For example, a company is installing cash registers for ABC Company, Inc. across many locations. The company may view that as a project but in Dynamics 365 the best option would be to treat this as a series of Field Service Work Orders. Each work order can then be dispatched with the appropriate inventory to the installation technicians.

If you are a Field Service organization, you can access our free Field Service ROI assessment here .

Working with Socius, we can additionally configure all related work orders to “roll up” so that management can report on the overall success of the entire engagement with ABC Company.

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