Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Your ERP and CRM Solutions

If you purchased your ERP and CRM solutions separately, you may now find yourself stuck with two stand-alone products, requiring duplicate data entry and hampering enterprise-wide analysis.  There are countless benefits of bringing your CRM and ERP solutions together through integration to help your business data travel seamlessly throughout your organization.  Here are the top 3 that we hear over and over:

  1.  ROI – In business, the bottom line is your top priority, so it is important to get a rapid return on any investment that you make into your business systems.  Now, more than ever, ERP and CRM systems are built to work in harmony.  That fact combined with the experience that Systems Integrators now have in connecting solutions enables you to get integrated with less effort and expense than in the past, thereby lessening your investment and enabling you to reap returns on it faster.
  2. Visibility – With integration, suddenly you can view many facets of your customers at once, eliminating the departmental silos that otherwise prevent creative problem-solving. You can analyze customers’ buying preferences from your CRM system, combined with their payment history from your ERP system. This fosters new insights into your customer base, permitting more accurate targeting and more effective marketing programs.
  3. Efficiency and Accuracy – An integrated system eliminates duplicate data entry, a no-brainer for improved efficiencies and reduction of error.

A great example of an organization who realized all of these benefits from integrating their ERP and CRM solutions (namely Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) is Divisions, a facilities maintenance company.  According to their CIO, Kyle Murray, “The efficiency gains are enormous.  We produce several thousand proposals every year. Before, the process involved in generating each new proposal and subsequent contract consumed an hour and a half of employee time. Now it takes 10 minutes. We are literally saving thousands of hours annually. We’ve eliminated the need to hire additional administrative staff to keep up with the workload.” Furthermore, he attributed a large part of his firm’s 50 percent annual growth and the tripling of its workforce to insights from ERP-CRM integration.  Read Divisions case study here.

Wingspan Care Group, a human services not-for-profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio also experienced these benefits from integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with their Dynamics GP ERP solution.  Hear their story:

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