Setting Up Promos with NetSuite SuitePromotions

NetSuite has introduced SuitePromotions SuiteBundle, which provides 5 types of promotions, to handle all of your promotions and offers.

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    All businesses, regardless of the industry, plan to have a strong sales performance to complete the calendar year. For most, this means offering promotions to push sales. So how can your business systems help you reach your performance goals? This year, NetSuite has introduced SuitePromotions SuiteBundle to handle all of your promotions and offers.


    Auto-apply NetSuite Promotions

    SuitePromotions provides five types of promotions. Each promotion can be auto applied to sales orders, eliminating the need for your teams to manually update the Promotions subtab.

    To make a NetSuite promotion available for automatic applying to a sales transaction, check the This promotion can be automatically applied box on the promotion master record.

    Please note that the number of active promotions that can have the “This promotion can be automatically applied box” checked is limited to 30 for a specific date range per location.  

    When you check the Automatically Apply Promotions box , NetSuite automatically applies the combination of promotions that provide the greatest discount possible to the customer for a specific order.  For instance, if an sales order item includes a free gift promotion the free gift is automatically added to a transaction if the transaction matches the promotion’s eligibility criteria.

    Best Offer Combinations of Stackable Promotions

    Whenever promotions are added automatically or manually to a transaction, it is important to consider if the promotions can be combined. For example, if a transaction is eligible for a shipping promotion, a promotion that can be combined with others, and an exclusive promotion, the shipping costs will impact which promotions offer the largest discount. Therefore, you must first calculate shipping costs before you can automatically apply promotions.

    NetSuite calculates the Best Offer combinations of stackable promotions by reviewing the following:

    • If the Automatically Apply Promotions box is checked, an exclusive promotion is not applied unless there are no other promotions offering a greater discount for the customer, either alone or when combined with other promotions
    • After you manually add an exclusive promotion, if it does not offer the greatest discount to the customer it will be automatically removed from the applied promotions list
    • After you manually add an exclusive promotion, if it offers the greatest discount, it will be applied and all other promotions will be removed

    5 Types of Promotions Available with SuitePromotions

    • You can create item promotions that give customers discounts on specific items in a transaction
    • Fixed price item promotions provide an alternative to offering a currency or percentage discount through a promotion. You can create promotions that offer items at a fixed promotional price
    • You can create order promotions that give customers discounts that are applied to the order total
    • You can create shipping promotions that give customers free shipping for their transactions using a specified shipping method
    • You can create free gift promotions that give customers an item with 100% discount. The free gift is automatically added to the customer’s order if the transaction is eligible

    If you have questions about SuitePromotions or NetSuite, contact our consultants today and if you’d like to review all the features for NetSuite yourself you can check them out here.