Manage Project Performance with Modern Analytics

Real-time, integrated, project accounting data can minimize risk, optimize utilization, boost performance, and help you meet project deadlines.

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    Is lack of visibility into real-time project status putting you at risk? Are low utilization rates and cost overruns impacting your profitability? What if you had a solution that helped you sell more projects and minimized non-billable work?

    Cloud-based analytics that draw from real-time, integrated, project accounting data can minimize risk. This is just one of our 4 tactics that can help you covert time into money on project and optimize utilization, boost project performance, and meet project deadlines.

    Microsoft Power BI project reporting

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Advanced Project Accounting, and Power BI gives you powerful dashboards that show you:

    • Resource capacity
    • Availability heat maps by each employee or overall
    • Project expenses details
    • Current status of tasks or projects vs. your budget
    • Comparison of billable vs non-billable time
    • Utilization rates
    • Project profitability per task, project, and overall

    Having worked with hundreds of project companies, our experts help teams like yours make your projects and your company more profitable with cloud ERP for professional services and other project-based firms.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to see the power of analytics and dashboards in a fully connected, all-in-one system: Manage Project Performance with Modern Analytics (43:31)