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SalesConnect 365 for Dynamics 365 for Sales intelligently searches your company's systems, retrieves all useful data about customers and prospects, and presents the information as actionable knowledge. Keep reading to learn how our CRM add-on solution can transform the way you engage with your customers and prospects.

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    Velosio SalesConnect 365 crawls your company’s email and calendar system, intelligently searches and retrieves all useful data about your customers and prospects, organizes the information in Dynamics 365 for Sales, and presents that information as actionable knowledge you can use to improve close ratios, create more opportunities, and drive more revenue.

    Your sales and customer service team members no longer need to manually enter or associate activities with Dynamics 365 records. SalesConnect 365 provides automatic association giving them more time in front of your customers. Our analytics help improve forecast accuracy, identify customer buying behavior and create more opportunities for your business driving revenue. Only SalesConnect 365 delivers dashboards that help you identify high potential customers and let you assess sales team effectiveness. Velosio SalesConnect 365 is the modern way to drive Dynamics 365 adoption and leadership buy-in!

    SalesConnect 365 CRM Add-on Provides:

    • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION between email, calendar and Dynamics 365 Salespeople no longer need to  manually enter data or associate  activities with Dynamics 365 records.
    • INTELLIGENT SEARCH of all email and calendar data Systematic search and retrieval of all relevant information from Exchange,  Office 365, or Gmail – organization-wide.
    • UNPARALLELED VISIBILITY into account relationships and communications. Measure and better manage  the strength of your customer relationships, projects and  opportunities.
    • NEXT-GENERATION ANALYTICS driving unprecedented insights Improve forecast accuracy, identify customer buying behaviors  and tendencies, create more opportunities and drive more revenue.

    Download the PDF to learn more about how SalesConnect 365 can transform your CRM software.

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