Integrated ERP and CRM is Key to Connected Business for International Manufacturer

Building connections in your organization is vital, whether it is between different individuals, different departments, different offices, and different countries.  One way to connect your people is to connect your business data so that it can flow seamlessly throughout your organization.  That is just what Rotex Global LLC, a Cincinnati, Ohio based industrial machinery manufacturer, did when they decided to work with us to integrate their operational and relational data by deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM together.

Before implementing their integrated Microsoft Dynamics solution, Rotex would have to export data from one system and either import it or reenter it into another, leaving them at risk for errors and causing a disconnect between not only their systems but also their various international locations.  Now they can quickly see an overall view of the organization and collaborate across locations and departments.

Rotex’s machines are “make to order,” so they are able to initiate orders in Dynamics CRM and have the orders flow directly into Dynamics GP where a work order is created using the specified parameters. This seamless flow of information has positively affected every facet of their business, from improving inventory control, to automating sales processes and improving communications with distributors and customers.

To learn more about Rotex Global’s integrated ERP and CRM solution, read their complete case study here.

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