Your Guide to Better Business Analytics with Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence or BI tools provide enable greater collaboration, insights, process simplification, and growth. Take the first step towards transformation and read this downloadable guide to business analytics with BI.

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    There are many interpretations of what BI (Business Intelligence) really is and the benefits that it can deliver for a business. It can be described several ways, but here are a few our favorite definitions:

    “The process for exploring and analyzing structured, domain-specific information to discern business trends or patterns thereby deriving insights and drawing conclusions.”
    – Howard Dresner, The Gartner Group.

    “Quality information in well-designed data stores, couples with business-friendly software tools that provide knowledge workers timely access, effective analysis and intuitive presentation of the right information, enabling them to take the right actions or make the right decisions.”
    – Larry English, The Beye Network.

    With business intelligence or BI tools you are able to create an organization that is constantly adapting and that embraces the changing market place to stay one step ahead of the competition. BI is not centered on data warehouses, but instead focuses on creating a learning organization, constantly aware of what your business has done in the past and using that information to plan for the future.

    In this guide, you will learn:

    • Challenges that your business may be facing that could signal your need for BI
    • The value of BI for the various areas of your business
    • BI tools that are available to you
    • Best practices to implement BI solutions
    • Considerations for BI projects

    Download the complete guide to learn how you can be on your way to better business analytics with powerful BI tools.

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