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Difference Between Dynamics SL and Dynamics 365

SL is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). It’s been around for 40+ years—first as Solomon Software before Microsoft acquired the platform in 2000. SL’s frequent updates, advanced features, and customization options have kept the veteran app in the game for decades. Yet, while extended support doesn’t end until…
Two Partners With a Bad Relationship

Five Signs You Need a New Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Best case scenario: you’ve selected a Microsoft Dynamics Partner that’s in it for the long haul. They supported you in your on-prem days and helped you nail the transition to the cloud. And, they stuck around to offer ongoing support and proactive solutions for improvement. But sometimes you end up with a partner that isn’t…
microsoft dynamics partner

What to Look for in a Microsoft Dynamics Partner

As with every part of your cloud ERP strategy, your Microsoft Dynamics partner must align with your business needs, processes, and goals. Which means, the word “partner” is key. See, you’re not outsourcing the migration or implementation process. You’re not passing the buck on training or change management responsibilities, nor are you paying an external…
microsoft dynamics support and maintenance

Microsoft Dynamics Support and Maintenance

You might think of an ongoing support plan as a kind of “insurance” for protecting your Dynamics 365 investment. Different plans offer different levels of “coverage.” All subscribers get “emergency” support, plus a number of self-service options out-of-the-box. But you’ll have to pay in order to access the hands-on support—from a real person—that really makes…
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Dynamics 365

The advantages of Dynamics 365 are compelling, no matter what kind of business you’re in. We’re talking lower costs, next-level flexibility, and intelligent insights baked right into the platform We’re quick to talk up the benefits of Dynamics 365. It is, after all, at the core of everything we do. At the same time, we’re…
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The Future of Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics already helps businesses adapt to change. Whether it’s evolving technology, changing customer expectations, or a pandemic-induced pivot. “Dynamics 365 is gearing up to become the ERP of the future—across all industries. Its scalability, seamless integration with other systems, and a robust portfolio of solutions place D365 ahead of competing solutions.” – Sreenath Reddy,…
Dynamics 365 Migration Guide

Dynamics 365 Migration Guide

First of all, it’s important to understand that every Dynamics 365 migration is unique. Two companies in the same industry might select the same Microsoft stack to address the same set of problems. Yet–despite the overlap, the same two companies can have completely different migration experiences. In part, that’s by design. Dynamics 365 is a…
dynamics nav to dynamics 365 upgrade

Migrating from NAV to Dynamics 365

Like Dynamics Business Central, NAV enables SMBs to manage and streamline back-office operations and financials from one unified platform. It comes stacked with advanced financials, robust reporting tools, and functionality that spans the entire company. It’s just that NAV does this all on-prem, while D365 handles things in the cloud–which allows users to tap into…
dynamics 365 accelerators

Building Industry Vertical Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accelerators

Today, every company is a data company. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech giant, a rising SaaS startup, or a cash-strapped environmental org—if you can’t put your data to work, your business won’t make it past 2025. But—some industries have it easier than others—with B2B sales, marketing agencies, e-commerce brands, being the most obvious…
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Clutch Names Velosio Among the Top Global B2B Companies for 2021

At Velosio, we guide you by simplifying the client experience and delivering value faster. We deploy best-fit business applications that keep you ahead of the competition in today’s digital-first business environment. Our mission is to enable clients to realize business value faster, simplify the process of deploying technology, acquire deeper data-driven insights, and explore ongoing…