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When it Comes to Budgeting, Measure Twice and Cut Once

It makes sense on the plant floor – do your due diligence before irrevocably cutting metal. It applies equally to a set of budget templates. Whether...


Data Intelligence: Getting Modern Means Getting out of Spreadsheet Hell

I was going into a client meeting and over heard two employees sharing stories about how they had outgrown Excel. They were essentially complaining that they...


Top 10 Considerations in Migrating to a New Reporting and Budgeting Solution

This webinar will uncover the 10 most important considerations for migrating to a new reporting and budgeting platform. Solver will review the challenges and best practices...

How to Simplify Building Efficient Budget and Forecast Models

Planning for growth and success in a highly competitive market is challenging. Find out how to plan for aggressive organic growth, acquisitions, or new product introductions....

Your Guide to Better Business Analytics with Business Intelligence Tools

There are many interpretations of what BI (Business Intelligence) really is and the benefits that it can deliver for a business. It can be described several...