Cloud-Based Medical Equipment Field Service Management Software

When you need to improve first-time fix rates, increase customer satisfaction and drive profitability Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service delivers.

The medical field is facing a tsunami of challenges as it deals with unpredictable threats, capacity issues and skyrocketing costs, not to mention an aging population. These challenges, on top of new, lower-cost competitors entering the market are causing many businesses to look for ways to retain customers and control costs through greater efficiencies.


Watch this demonstration and see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service connects dispatchers and technicians, so they can consistently outperform customer expectations.


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Ditch Spreadsheet Scheduling. Tap into the Power of Automation.

medical equipment field service software

Many field service companies are still doing resource scheduling with spreadsheets and sticky notes on a white board. This can be a tedious and inefficient process that opens the door to wasted drive time by technicians and dispatching the wrong person for the job.

With Resource Scheduling Optimization for Field Service, work orders can be scheduled automatically to minimize travel time while maximizing technician work hours. Having the most efficient routes scheduled also saves on fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses. Combining the out-of-box scheduling features of Dynamics 365 Field Service with the automation of Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO) can lead directly to savings on the bottom line.


Five Top Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is a powerful tool that helps your field service operation deliver an exceptional level of customer experience. Consider these benefits:

  1. Save time and resources and minimize customer downtime by managing service issues remotely through IoT (Internet of Things) functionality. Read more about how IoT can transform your business.
  2. Effectively manage technicians and service calls under SLAs (Service Level Agreements) using the system to set timers on works orders and reporting by defining SLA KPI Instances. The flexibility of the solution allows you to configure work orders and SLA’s by contract.
  3. Increase first time fix rates and decrease driving expense by dispatching the right technician at the right time with the right experience using AI-enabled scheduling recommendations and manual, semi-automated, or fully automated scheduling.
  4. Decrease inventory losses and equip your technicians with mobile interfaces to order parts and return parts directly from the field. Dynamics Field Service is built to manage the supply chain details of inventory through complete visibility and reporting to increase efficiency.
  5. Empower service technicians to complete service calls more efficiently through mobile access to service histories, work orders, product technical guides and technologies like HoloLens that provide heads-up, hands-free video calling.


Watch this demonstration and see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service software empowers your dispatchers and medical equipment technicians, so they can to consistently outperform customer expectations.


Watch the Demonstration

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