Why Your Smartphone is Making You Dumber

Are smartphones making us dumber? An effective document management system needs to do more than turning paper documents into digital files.

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    KwikTag eBook Blog Post #1On average, we check our smart phones 150 times each day for information and communications. The trouble is, too often smart phones are used to react to problems. They rarely give us control or the ability to focus on proactively getting out in front of our work.

    We’ve clearly not achieved the paperless office that we were promised decades ago. What’s worse, in addition to paper, we’ve got digital documents and a flood of electronic communications coming at us from all directions 24×7 and no obvious way to bring order to the chaos of information overload.

    Just like the paper which tends to clutter up our desks, or the emails that flood our inboxes, smart phones coupled with the distracting habit of multi-tasking are indicative of broken business processes.

    At some point, haven’t you thought to yourself “Why is this process so messed up and how can it be fixed?”

    To deliver a complete solution to the problems that plague most document-burdened processes in your organization, an effective document management system needs to do more than simply turn paper documents into digital files.

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