Why CRM Expansion Should be a Top Priority

ERP for TabletsCRM platforms are often the target of criticism among organizations. This is because if you have sales reps that skimp on data entry, it will end up being more hurtful than anything. There are many reasons according to Aberdeen Group why pursuing CRM expansion should be a top priority. CRM expansion is defined as “expanding the number of users, the various touch-points in the customer’s lifecycle, and especially the numerous sales effectiveness technologies with which the CRM is integrated.”

Compared to all others, CRM expanders have:

  • 3% higher customer renewal rate
  • 15% higher attainment of total sales quota
  • 11% higher percent of sales reps achieving individual sales quota
  • A greater percentage of their quotes turn into orders
  • 23% greater use of mobile CRM with access to account and customer data
  • 11% better at providing sales reps with marketing tools to develop, send, track, and respond to messaging
  • Overall better at empowering sales with mobile-friendly technologies that enhance their leading edge status as processionals
  • 58% higher likelihood that they are able to customize sales messaging for individual buyers

There are many reasons why stimulating CRM adoption from ALL users is critical to the success of your CRM system. With the ability to achieve sales quotas, turn more quotes into orders, empower your team with the technology and messaging they need, your business can succeed. Stop blaming CRM, and start working with it to realize the endless benefits.

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