What Can You Gain When You Connect Shipping and Finance?

As a manufacturer or distributor who is running separate shipping management and financial management software solutions, you know that there is a lot you stand to lose – time, money, and ultimately customers due to delays and errors.

So, what do you stand to gain by bringing together your shipping and ERP solutions with an integration solution?

If the integration solution you choose to use is ezShipment to seamlessly connect your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software and your StarShip shipping solution, then you could gain the ability to:

  • Easily track shipments
  • Store and access the package-level detail of shipments
  • Scan the barcodes on Pick Tickets in order to Pick, Pack, Print and Post shipments
  • Enable the order-entry user to determine freight charges during the order-entry process
  • Create truckload and LTL shipments and print relevant documents

ezShipment gives you the ability to eliminate double entry of shipment information and capture package level details including items, tracking numbers, freight charges, weight, package type and many more.  When you start with ezShipment and finish with StarShip, you ensure that your shipping needs are handled seamlessly and efficiently.

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