Introducing the Velosio Digital Next Roadmap

Considering a digital transformation project? Digital transformation is top-of-mind for the majority of businesses across the globe.

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    The Velosio Digital NEXT Roadmap: Quickly Scale Your Business Operations by Streamlining Your Technology and Process Transformation Projects

    If your company is considering a digital transformation project, you’re not alone. Digital transformation is top-of-mind for the majority of businesses across the globe:1

    • 73% create intellectual property (IP) using next-generation technologies such as machine learning, IoT, AI, and blockchain.
    • 83% believe they need to embrace tech intensity to succeed in the future.
    • 70% think it’s paramount to work for an organization that keeps up with application modernization trends.

    In addition, 36% of business leaders expect digital advancements will make the global economic playing field more level. They also see advanced data insights as reducing competitive barriers.

    Knowing What Digital Transformation Is…and What It’s Not

    When considering a digital transformation project for your company, it’s important to realize just what the process entails. It’s not a matter of simply adopting a technology-led IT upgrade. It’s also not merely converting manual or analog information into digital forms. Taking these approaches can lead to a narrow-minded vision to solve only the immediate requirements, especially if there’s an unclear view of the KPIs, the ROI, and the definition-of-done for each increment of a deployment.

    Also realize that some IT solution providers sell the concept of digital transformation while operating purely as a technology vendor—rather than supporting you as a collaborative extension of your business. They may only look to solve breakages with singular business processes or functions, and they tend to focus on their products and practices rather that your requirements.

    Business Leaders Guide to the New Digital AgeBusiness Leaders Guide to the New Digital Age

    Here at Velosio, to help our clients seize on the digital transformation trends and set themselves up for success in deploying true digital transformation projects, we just launched a new offering—the Digital NEXT Roadmap. It’s a structured and strategic solution that leads to not only upgrades in technologies and processes—but also optimizations within your business and your customer base.

    The roadmap gives you an essential foundation with planned phases for innovation deployments—utilizing best-in-class technologies that focus on business-related outcomes, not just technology improvements:

    • Better efficiency through workforce enablement
    • Increased productivity, flexibility, and operational agility
    • Improved customer experiences
    • Expanded competitive advantages
    • Higher level of digital asset security
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Impactful and insightful data analytics and intelligence

    You also benefit from a deeper and more detailed discovery cycle along with expert guidance to envision and achieve your technological and process-enhancement plan.

    A 4-Phased Approach to Digital Transformation

    To give you a quick glimpse into the structure of our solution, the Digital NEXT Roadmap consists of four phases to assist you with your digital transformation journey:

    • Envisioning Workshops & Documentation
    • Business Value Assessment
    • Phased Solution Assessment
    • Master Project Plan

    Within the Envisioning Workshops & Documentation phase, a Discovery stage creates scenarios that serve as the blueprint for the next steps in the process. Our facilitators use design-thinking concepts to help you establish the primary goal for the project—with an approach that encourages thinking beyond simply making existing processes more efficient.

    During the Business Value Assessment, our facilitators use value-selling concepts to help you further clarify the primary project goal. This approach expands on the use-cases documented in the Discovery stage.

    The Business Value Assessment phase then documents future-state implementations of technologies, services, and process reengineering. This is followed by the Master Project Plan, which develops a benefits-driven project plan and timeline—cross-functionally incorporating multiple deployments and innovations.

    Fundamental Changes in How You Operate and Provide Value

    Digital transformations powered by our Digital NEXT Roadmap integrate all areas of your business in a way that results in fundamental changes, regarding how you operate and provide value to your customers. The digital transformation strategy is an ongoing commitment to improving customer experiences by bringing all aspects of your business into a centralized digital realm.

    By providing digital transformation advisory support during Digital NEXT Roadmap engagements, we serve as a strategic extension of your organization. Collaborating with our team, you gain a clear view into what it takes to modernize your digital landscape.

    You also benefit from better long-term forecasting of technology, employee, and customer needs, and the ability to measure the projected benefits. And with a phased delivery of new implementations, your end-users can more effectively consume new technologies in a cost-effective and structured manner.

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