Velosio Appoints Bob Knott as CEO and Joseph Longo as Executive Co-Chairman

Velosio announces 30-year technology industry leader Bob Knott has been appointed as chief executive officer effective October 31, 2022.

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    Velosio today announced leadership changes to support strategic growth goals, including appointment of industry leader Bob Knott as chief executive officer and Joe Longo as executive co-chairman of the board.

    COLUMBUS, OH — OCTOBER 31, 2022 —Velosio, a leading cloud business applications partner for mid-market and emerging enterprise businesses, announced today that 30-year technology industry leader Bob Knott has been appointed as chief executive officer effective October 31, 2022.  Bob will succeed Joseph Longo, who will transition to an executive chairman role, active in the business on a full-time basis.

    “Bob is a highly respected leader that shares our core values and has a distinguished record of driving growth in the B2B technology sector,” said Velosio current CEO, Joseph Longo. “After working with Bob as a board member it became evident that we could accelerate growth by capitalizing on Bob’s success in digital cloud services and benefit from his experience in taking a company of our size and growing it significantly.”

    Velosio has a rich history as a business applications partner, recognized for their ability to tailor ERP, CRM and other business applications to the needs of specific industry verticals.   Over the last decade, mid-market companies have placed increasingly higher value on data and the digital experience and as a result, digital services represent the fastest-growing segment of Velosio services business.

    Velosio is a powerhouse,” notes Bob Knott, incoming CEO.  “Their industry business and technology expertise along with considerable IP, consulting and indirect channel business has positioned the company for explosive growth.  I’m excited to be a part of that and looking forward to working alongside Joe and the rest of the Velosio team.

    Bob Knott left his role as principal and national leader at BDO Digital USA in April 2022 and joined the Velosio board of directors some months later.  Prior to his two plus years with BDO Digital, Bob served as president of SWC Technology Partners, a company with a similar operating model to Velosio that drove sustained double-digit growth and profitability.

    “My focus on day one will be tapping into the expertise this organization already brings around enterprise business applications and tailoring adjacent solutions to improve decision making, automation of business processes and meeting market changes with agility,” said Knott. “Our focus, as always, is helping our clients grow and succeed.”

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    Velosio is a leading business applications partner specializing in cloud services and industry-specific ERP, CRM, data-driven analytics and digital transformation solutions for mid-market and emerging enterprise businesses.  As one of the largest Microsoft partners in North America, Velosio supports the entire Microsoft business solutions portfolio, including Dynamics and Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and Azure. Velosio is the only Microsoft Cloud Distributor that specializes in Dynamics 365, providing licensing and support to hundreds of growing Microsoft partners and over 4,000 clients. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Velosio encourages community involvement and a people-centric culture of over 450 employees throughout North America.


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