Understanding Why Mobile Access Matters for CRM

Mobile access to your CRM is imperative. We cover 3 benefits that your company will gain via mobile access to your CRM. Learn More!

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    At the turn of the century, the popularity and use of the Internet took a huge turn. At that point, though, most people were going online via their desktop computers. The times have now changed. More and more people are accessing the Internet using mobile devices, including your staff members. This is the primary reason that you need a mobile CRM. Did you know that nearly 49 percent of CRM users access the program using at least three devices? And 47 percent of companies plan to increase the monies they invest in customer service and help desk software.

    No matter where you are operating, mobile access to your CRM is imperative. Your customers — whether they be local or global — prefer and expect convenient access to the answers they have. With mobile CRM, your CRM representatives are able to access pertinent information in real-time.

    There are three primary benefits that your company will gain via mobile access to your CRM:

    • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    • Improved quality and productivity
    • Your IT department can expand its operations

    With a mobile CRM strategy, your company can create a branded experience for both its staff members and customers. Files can easily be opened and shared, calendar integration simplifies creating realistic project timelines, leads can be updated in real-time, and profitable opportunities can be optimized.

    Mobile CRM enables your staff members to update CRM data when on the go. Even when they are offline, they can enter data and sync it the next time they are online. This allows them to capture valuable data without needing an Internet connection. This not only boosts customer leads but it advances proposal processes, too.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    With 26 percent of companies stating they are unsatisfied with their current CRM, it’s imperative that you develop your mobile CRM strategy with a reputable services provider that specializes in mobile CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings a revolutionary change to the way you can stay in contact with your staff members and customers. Colleagues around the world can share pertinent customer data to ensure all customer inquiries and requests are met both efficiently and effectively.

    Staying in contact with your employees and business partners has never been so easy. One of the programs more notable features is the ability to give project updates via instant messaging. For sales teams that stay on the go, instant communication is vital to project and proposal success. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows each user to create a customized workspace, which facilitates higher levels of productivity. Through easy to use analytical tools, you can even monitor customer behavior, allowing you to maximize your marketing efforts.

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