Transform Your Field Service Model from “Break-Fix” to “It’s Fixed” with IoT

There are 20.4 billion IoT device - connect all those in the cloud and your business will thrive. Learn how to improve mobile workforce management with IoT.

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    IoT is a small acronym for a big network of connected devices — the Internet of Things. According to Gartner, there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices by 2020[i], including everything from smartphones, wearable devices, cars, appliances, machine components and almost anything else that has an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. These IoT devices have the power to transform your mobile workforce management. into a field of dreams. If you build it … or more precisely in this scenario … if you connect all those “things” with the cloud, then your business, and your mobile workforce, will thrive.

    Become More Proactive and Efficient with IoT

    IoT makes life easier for your technicians and engineers. It completely transforms the “tower of power” delivery days when your technicians waited for a daily jobs list while nursing their morning coffee.

    IoT connects your equipment in the field to your technician’s cell phone and your central office. While the coffee may still be an integral part of everyone’s day, these simple devices possess the power to transform your field service company’s successes from back of the house efficiency straight to your customer’s front door and beyond.

    Using equipment sensors in the field, which are connected not only to your central desk, but also to your technicians via IoT, you have the capability to get ahead of problems; largely resolving the “break-fix” conundrum. Things still break, but with on-site sensors, you can identify the problem and send the right technicians prepared with the right solutions the first time they arrive. This negates the need for a diagnosis drive; increasing your business efficiency and reducing costs.

    Further, sending the right technician with the right tools to get the job done right the first time goes a long way to building the customer’s satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat business.

    Ultimately, IoT is an investment in your technicians and optimizing their time and capabilities in the field, and it has the power to change life as you know it in mobile workforce management.

    Get Connected to IoT with Dynamics 365 Field Service

    Take a look around. How do you leverage what you already have (your digital assets) with what you may need (capital investment) to maximize your IoT? In order to realize the full potential of your IoT capabilities, you need to connect them. To connect them, you need the right technology platform and software solutions that grow and adapt as your business needs evolve.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is an IoT powerhouse, placing your technicians out in front from the time (or even before) a call comes in until on-site billing completion when the job is done – all from the data delivered on their mobile device.

    With the flexibility of the cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service simplifies your steps, saves time, and points to profit with a single, successful solution. Or, it can work with your existing ERP to layer in the important field services functionality and mobile workforce management you need to proactively engage with customers, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

    To find out more, check out our “Essential Guide for the IoT Revolution in Field Service Management”.


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