Top Accessibility Tools Using OData in GP 2016

One of the marquee new features of Microsoft Dyamics GP in its 2016 iteration is its new OData accessibility. Today we go over it.

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    Ready to Upgrade?One of the marquee new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP in its 2016 iteration is its new OData accessibility. OData is a protocol allowing any client with tools to access OData feeds the ability to access information from a pre-selected data source or sources. This implementation allows operators to configure their systems to allow off-site or cloud access to the data, reports, and dashboards created in many of the platforms within Dynamics GP.

    This is done by creating end-points, essentially URL’s accessible by any tool with the capability to access OData feeds. OData is installed separately from GP, and requires Windows credentials, meaning GP credentials must be linked to user’s Windows credentials to use it. After installation operators choose which programs and data sources will be accessible from OData, and can assign specific users specific permissions.

    These users can then connect to the OData URL and access dashboards, reports, and information from anywhere. This means that access to services like Excel, Power BI, and other vital systems is no longer limited to on-site locations, allowing for a geographically dispersed workforce to have up to date data, increasing efficiency. Users can also customize views, adding new objects to those custom views, another task that was previously limited almost exclusively to on-site operators. Operators with multiple companies can also enable the ability to switch between companies, meaning all your data is all in one place.

    Using OData companies can now empower their workforce by greatly increasing the accessibility of the top of the class tools provided in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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