Top Three Reasons to Move Your On-Prem Dynamics ERP to Azure

Many companies have relied on Dynamics GP, SL, or NAV to manage their finances for years. Learn why you should consider moving to Azure.

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    Many companies have relied on Dynamics GP, SL, or NAV to manage their finances for years (or even decades). With a small user count and no plans for major growth or change at the organizational level, it may not make sense to move from your legacy Dynamics solution to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    However, just because you want to keep your Dynamics system in place, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be considering a lift and shift to Azure.

    1. Your Dynamics Environment May Be at Risk

    A Velosio client running Dynamics GP on prem was recently a victim of a ransomware attack – leading to lost business, revenue, and a scarred reputation.  If you’re running an on-prem Dynamics environment, you’re likely at risk. Ransomware attacks are happening to businesses of all sizes, and even with security measures in place and nightly backups, these hackers are finding ways into servers and crippling businesses at an alarming rate.

    By moving your Dynamics system to Azure, you are supported by more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts that work together to safeguard your business around the clock. With multi-layered security provided by Microsoft across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations in Azure, your system is fully protected at all times. Learn more about Azure security here.

    2. Hardware Costs are Rising

    Hardware and server costs are on the rise, and like when you buy a new car, the depreciation starts the moment you plug them in. By moving to Azure, not only do you no longer have to maintain, patch, and upkeep servers, but you avoid the sticker shock when your hardware needs replaced. With Azure, you only pay for the space you need and never have to worry about losing access due to power outages, downtimes, or changes in temperature. Your data is automatically backed up and always available.

    3. Provide Anywhere, Anytime Access without VPN

    Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for Dynamics 365

    While offices may be open again, the world hasn’t gone back to where we were in 2019. Today’s employees expect a work from home option and providing it can sometimes be make or break when it comes to hiring and retaining employees.

    By moving your on-prem Dynamics environment, you’ll enable your workforce to securely work from anywhere, at any time. Your team will become more productive while increasing their job satisfaction.

    The experts at Velosio have helped countless businesses move their Dynamics GP, SL, or NAV systems to Azure. If you have three users or less, you can move your system for as little as $2,000. Learn more about our Shift to Azure program here.