The Software Selection Process: Part 1

Researching & understanding the benefits of investing in a specific construction software system is critical. We cover 7 benefits from evaluating in this first post.

Table of Content

    Evaluating the 7 Benefits of Construction Software

    Contractors that have put technology investments on hold due to cutbacks are now reconsidering their software strategies. Many outdated systems need to be replaced, but researching and implementing the right technology for each company can be arduous process without the right direction.

    The first major step is to research and understand the benefits of investing in a specific construction software system. Some organizations need help with accounting, while others may benefit from greater product management capabilities. When it comes to specific needs, there are seven benefits for every organization to evaluate.

    1. Efficiency: An efficient ERP software system will help organizations complete the same amount of work (or more) while spending less resources on the effort.
    2. Integration: Make sure that a new ERP system will integrate with current processes. Make sure to upgrade, but don’t take on more than your organization can handle.
    3. Mobility: Allow the same data to be accessible in the office or on site. Field resources can be instantly shared, accessed, and controlled by various team members in the office and the field.
    4. Streamlined Process: All information should be easy to enter and retrieve.
    5. Access to Analytics: Data should be easy to access on multiple scales to show big picture trends and drill down to minute details. Reporting capabilities and reliability make significant impact.
    6. Increased Revenue: The results of an ERP investment are displayed through multiple channels, such as resource management and information organization, to simplifying problem solving.
    7. Standardized Process: How many people will be using your new system? New features and capabilities are fun, but don’t overextend your organization with software that is difficult to learn and utilize.

    Choosing the right construction software to benefit your business all depends on your organizations’ needs. To help get started in the evaluation process, you can contact SBS Group for an industry expert to help estimate the best solution for your organization.