The Four “Big Rocks” of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2

We go over Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 update focusing on 4 major components - requisition, workflow, identity management, & procurement.

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    Expected to be released in May, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 is committed to focusing on four major components, or “big rocks” – requisition, workflow, identity management, and procurement. This release is intended to focus on some of the more valuable capabilities, with smaller changes, or “pebbles” pushed back for a later release.

    GP 2013 R2

    Business Portal will begin its fading process in lieu of a new set of capabilities that will be built “…into the GP core through the desktop and web client….There will be several integration points for the new capabilities, including into business intelligence, MDA, encumbrance management, fixed assets, project accounting, manufacturing, and analytic accounting.”

    These new requisition capabilities will use new workflow architecture as GP begins to break away from SharePoint. While SharePoint delivered positive results, the most significant issue was the increase in cost. In order to lower the cost and provide a simplified workflow “…GP 2013 R2 will begin the roll out of a new native workflow engine that no longer relies on SharePoint.”

    One of the criticisms of past Dynamics GP versions was the complicated login method due to the high level of security. In the 2013 R2 update, a new streamlined approach will improve identity management. “The goal in R2 is to improve the web client logon experience, to reduce the sheer amount of identity management that the users has to deal with, to support companion apps and web services scenarios, and to move toward Office 365 security integration.”

    One of the new apps coming to GP 2013 R2 is the procurement companion app. “The plan is to create an app that is available in the Windows store that any employee could easily download and begin using for their procurement needs. Like the requisitions functionality, procurement is expected to be built on top of the new workflow engine.”

    For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP or updates on the GP 2013 R2 release, you can contact SBS Group here.

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