Supply in Demand: How New Technology Advancements are Increasing Need for SCM Skills

The need for Supply Chain Management (SCM) skills are increasing in demand! So what can your business do about this growing need? Click to learn more.

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    As we have previously mentioned, the need for Supply Chain Management (SCM) skills are increasing in demand. In fact, “…nearly 200,000 U.S. supply-chain jobs will go unfilled each year through 2018 for lack of qualified talent.” With better innovations coming at a faster pace, people expect products to be delivered quickly. Technological advancements, especially ERP software, have significantly increased the demand of “next generation” SCM skills: efficiency, speed, and customization.

    There have been numerous new technologies entering and altering the business world, with SCM feeling the effects of all. Technologies that add benefits, such as ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV that helps track shipments of products, can also lead to headaches, such as connecting to multiple trading partners.

    The recent adoption of cloud technology in SCM has answered many challenges, as all of the moving parts can now easily “…join the cloud-based community and readily connect to each other.” The need for quick decision-making is crucial, and cloud technology provides an outlet of multiple instant communication channels. The critical advantage of cloud platform technology “…could mean companies who do not embrace this technology are at risk of falling behind their competitors.”

    Another recent benefit of SCM technologies are the increased accuracy in risk prediction. The top three supply chain risks include inventory, procurement, and financial risk. Luckily, technology can help leverage these risks with the ability “…to provide increased visibility of relevant data, and to track the accountability of stakeholders across the supply chain.” Predictive analytics help supply chain managers”… spot key trends, patterns, and potential disruptions within supply chains and identify the right risk mitigation strategies.”

    The SBS Group can provide various ERP technologies, including Dynamics NAV, to help your supply chain prevent disruptions and keep processes running at their ideal levels. For more information, contact us at: and follow us on both Twitter and Facebook.