Streamline Your Estimates-to-Projects Process

For any business, “Time” is THE precious commodity. Your profitability is dependent on efficiency. Are you effective in your time management?

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    4 Tactics to Convert Time to Money on Projects

    For any project-based business, “Time” is THE precious commodity. Your profitability is dependent on efficient use of time. Are you effective in your time management across the business?

    Your business systems provide the biggest opportunity to boost productivity. Are your current systems silo’d? Still performing manual data entry? Is gaining real-time visibility anytime, anywhere a wish?

    Join us for this webinar series. We’ll break down common processes project-based businesses can gain efficiencies with when using a business system that integrates your financials/ERP with your projects. Think BIG! Projects could include events, conferences, or grants, as examples.

    Tactic #1: Using a separate solution for estimating? In this webcast, you will learn how our project-based clients are leveraging today’s leading cloud-based business solution from Microsoft to streamline processes, make smarter decisions, and accelerate their profitability while empowering users to:

    • Integrate estimating with project tracking

    • Easily transition from quotes to projects

    • Have visibility into resources available

    • Access resource, customer, inventory, and vendor data for more precise estimating

    • Use available templates to expedite estimating of similar jobs

    Our experts will share best practices in this live online demonstration. Having worked with hundreds of project companies, we help teams like yours make your projects and your company more profitable.