Social Networking Analytics: A Breeze with Dynamics CRM 2013

We're looking forward to Netbreeze integration for Dynamics CRM. Netbreeze brings social network monitoring, management, & analytics to Dynamics CRM.

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    While no official date has been posted, the expectation from the Dynamics community is that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, formerly codenamed “Orion”, will be released in about two months. After already touching on one major feature from the Gemini release earlier this year, it’s time to focus on Netbreeze, another major CRM feature Microsoft acquired back in March.

    Netbreeze is a Swiss media monitoring company, bringing social network monitoring, management, and analytics to Dynamics CRM. Microsoft plans to integrate the program with a Netbreeze widget that “…can be plugged into the new Dynamics CRM Flow UI for a brief view of an organization’s social trends, but also diving into the full product for a range of reporting options around geography, language, more granular topic areas, sentiment analysis, and the ability to interact directly at the social network level.”

    Netbreeze provides excellent data mining analytics, supporting 28 writing systems that monitor the major social media channels (Facebook/YouTube/Twitter) in addition to “…6,000 online news websites, 18 million blogs and 500,000 message boards.” The program will provide a central location to track social media responses in a wide range of detail throughout campaigns.

    Netbreeze is expected to eventually become a standard function of Dynamics CRM 2013, but will only be released as a limited beta version this fall. SBS Group can get your CRM up in running in just 2 weeks with our Up in 2 program. For more updates on CRM 2013 and all of your Dynamics needs, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join the discussion in our LinkedIn Group.