Searching for Answers, and Actually Finding them with CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will make it easy to establish strategic goals and put measurements to marketing and sales efforts. Learn how.

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    We often don’t realize how much information we can glean from the data we collect in our customer relationship management (CRM) software.  It may even be overwhelming to think about how deep the reporting could go should we expand our search radius a bit.  If your CRM system is powerful enough, it could help expand your horizons and discover new correlations that you might not have considered previously.

    The market is saturated with various CRM software packages, but none are like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  This software is flexible and scalable, and can be easily customized to match your unique business needs.  When used properly, you can turn volumes of raw data into actionable insight that will improve sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM will make it easy to establish strategic goals and put measurements to marketing and sales efforts.  By actively tracking key performance indicators or metrics, you will be able to stay on the right path toward reaching your goals.  You will also have the insight to see what specific efforts yield better results than others.

    With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can track each touch point that is with made with prospects, including responses from marketing campaigns and Internet landing pages.  Use conditional formatting and guided dialogs to streamline lead qualification process and assign leads to qualified sales representatives.  When your team can act on the most current leads, you can be assured that contact is made when the lead is hot, which is more likely to result in a positive response.  Once a lead goes cold, you risk losing a sale to a competitor that responded faster.

    Capture all customer touch points in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and develop rich case histories that will show your customers that you understand and are ready to respond to their business needs.  You can access your CRM data from any web-enabled device, anytime.   Track projects and budgets, route approvals, and make sure your customers are getting the quick response they need whether you are on the road or at the office.  The detailed case histories will also identify trends in customer buying habits. You will be able to cross-sell or up-sell more effectively when you know customers preferences and best-selling products or services.

    When your entire sales and marketing team is using powerful CRM software, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the data you generate can be used to capture more leads, turn more leads into sales, and improve customer service.  Contact Socius for more information about finding the answers you are looking for in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM software solution.