Save Time on These 6 Processes with NetSuite

Whenever a company looks to implement an enterprise system or consolidated software portfolio, efficiency is one of the top five expectations that the system needs to delivery. After all, one of the selling features of implementing such a system is to recover the cost through long-term savings and reductions in redundancies in the old way of doing business being replaced.

With Netsuite not only are disparate business systems all over a company and office combined into one central system, the various activities that created more costs through redundancies, multiple storage resources, and extra staff to maintain them are identified as true surplus finally and can be liquidated as well.

A number of specific processes are available in Netsuite as well, which provide significant time-saving advantages for users and are easy to incorporate. These include:

  • Closing – Netsuite tools allow automated connection and linkage of all invoices, contracts, and shipping records of a specific customer, partner and shipper. The information mapping makes it easy to find everything connected with a customer account as well as supporting systems in retail satisfaction and sales.
  • Audit Advantages – Larger companies, particularly public ones, are under the gun to ensure their people are following various rules and reporting requirements. It’s not a defense to say a rogue employee was uncontrollable. Netsuite makes it easy with tools that ensure information processing and transaction compliance becomes automatic.
  • PSA – A company that runs heavy on project-based workload and delivery can instantly track every project’s status and completion in Netsuite without guessing.
  • Procure to Pay – One of the biggest time-eaters is data entry, especially with sales information and new account creation. Netsuite tools are designed to allow all sales information to import easily and fast into NetSuite modules, cutting down input time and increasing data accuracy.
  • Quote to Cash – End to end sales processes are entirely possible and made extremely efficient in Netsuite because they are all integrated. So a user can easily see an order and commitment from the beginning to end, allowing satisfaction assurance at every step along the way.
  • General Ledger Consolidation – Understanding and managing your accounting system performance is as important as checking to make sure you have a proper engine oil level in your car. With Netsuite tools all your general ledger performance metrics are in one place.

Speed and efficiency are key advantages of Netsuite’s information management. The processes above are great examples of how the platform simply makes companies operate better, all of which are part of the expandable and scalable benefits of Netsuite.