Removing Reports From the Dynamics GP Homepage

Sometimes you want to clear the clutter from your home page, here's one simple way to remove reports from the Dynamics GP homepage.

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    We use Microsoft Dynamics GP internally.  I personally feel that a consultant is made better by using the software on which they provide support.

    So today I got tired of some old reports listing on my home page.  As is my intuitive nature, I clicked on the home page edit button for my reports, and was dismayed to discover I couldn’t remove a report from the window that was opened.


    Instead, I had to click on the Administration Pane, then My Reports List in the Navigation bar.  From here I had to choose the reports one at a time (multi-select does not work), then I could remove or rename the report on the ribbon.

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    Simple enough once you find the right path!

    For additional technical questions on the topic of GP, feel free to contact us.

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