Quick Tip: Get Notified with Business Alerts for Dynamics GP

See step by step how to set up notifications for data changes in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Table of Content

    Keep tabs on relevant changes to data in Dynamics GP by setting up an unlimited number of Business Alerts for yourself and your people. Use Business Alerts to send out notifications when certain conditions have been met in GP.

    To open the Business Alerts Wizard in GP go to -> Tools -> Setup -> System -> Business Alerts


    Next, define the conditions for the alert:


    Then define the type of information to be distributed and the recipients of the notification:


    You’ll then need to select the columns of data that will appear in the report:


    Finally, set a schedule and frequency for your alert:


    The alert runs at the scheduled time and sends an email with any results:


    The email includes a report detailing the results of the alert:


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