QR Codes for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Quick Response (QR) codes are popular and fun ways for advertisers and businesses to share data with potential customers. Using Smartphones, customers can easily scan the two-dimensional data-matrix which is decoded quickly and translated into contact, sales, promotional, location, or any other type of information. The QR code format has been defined and published as an ISO Standard that is quickly becoming a national standard for many countries.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses QR codes on many documents and has released an update for NAV 5.0 SP1, NAV 2009 SP1, and NAV 2009 R2. Links to the URLs where you can find these updates are listed on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog. Follow the update instructions and you can add QR codes to letters, sales invoices, or other documents created in these versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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