Project Management Tools & Accounting Automation for Software and Service Agencies

Watch to see how manual business processes can be automated with Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Table of Content

    Teams of highly-skilled people need the right tools and resources to perform at their peak. When your project management and budget processes are manual, time consuming, and hard to replicate, your processes are getting in the way of team performance.

    If you are in the professional services industry, you need the software to do the work so you can spend your time servicing clients.

    In this session we will discuss key project management tools to save time and money including: 

    • The significance of your project accounting process and the difference between doing it manually versus doing it with automation
    • How you can streamline processes and save both time and money
    • Key steps to project quoting and accurately estimating your projects
    • How to use project Gantt charts to increase employee utilization
    • How to best take what you learned in the last project, and transfer that over to the next to determine what type of projects you want to take on and avoid the less profitable ones
    • The ability to generate a quote or budget based on a previous project
    • Invoicing and how automation can help move it immediately and directly into the integrated invoice system in Business Central
    • How to best measure the success of the project and take what you’ve learned in the project to transfer the strategy to your next and ultimately boost profits

    Each company is different and the specific challenges of professional services firms are unique to each organization, which is why flexibility and automation are key to streamlining your processes and increasing project profitability.

    Here at Velosio, we have spent years developing advanced project accounting tools to streamline operations and workflows.

    Watch to see how manual business processes can be easily and effectively automated with Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – resulting in higher project margins, happier teams, and satisfied clients.