Auditing in Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics 365 Auditing: Better Leverage Your CRM Data with These 3 Steps

Do you want to better leverage data that is generated within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement? Actionable Audit can help. Actionable Audit is a free tool built by Microsoft Labs available in AppSource. The tool runs based on the auditing settings set up via Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement administration. To set up auditing in Dynamics 365…
Cloud based DMS

Heavy Equipment and Truck Dealers: 3 Tips to Achieve Competitive Advantage with a Cloud Based DMS

Your competitors are driving success through innovation. How about your heavy equipment or truck dealership? The key could be utilizing the right technology to ensure you aren’t left behind. The truth is, times are changing. Not only are you seeing new competition, they are thriving in your market with the help of innovative technology such…
Power BI implementation

New to Microsoft Power BI? From Implementation to Training, Here’s All You Need to Know to Get Started

Microsoft Power BI is the leader in the analytics and Business Intelligence marketspace. Many times, businesses want to begin leveraging business intelligence tools like Power BI but aren’t sure were to start. When evaluating a new Power BI implementation the first place to start is with the data. How is data created? First, review how…
Dynamics 365 expense management

Reimagined Expense Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Employee expense management is a critical aspect of every project-based business. Providing your employees an easy to use expense reporting system is crucial to receiving expense reports in a timely manner. Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations have always supported end-to-end expense management, but there were a lot of areas that…
Blockchain software for fresh food

What Does Blockchain Mean for Fresh Produce?

Blockchain offers a range of benefits for the fresh produce industry. It promises greater transparency and traceability in supply chains; implicating improved productivity and greater food safety. By providing logistical insight, and increased control over produce; blockchain could help fresh produce businesses reduce costs, scale production, and invest in focused growth. What is blockchain in…
Dynamics 365 cloud ERP

Lift Your Management Team and Your Bottom Line with the Cloud

Think about all the decisions you and your team navigate on a daily basis. You’ve been doing this for years. You’re pretty good at it. You look ahead and try and anticipate staffing needs; determine inventory requirements; predict sales; everything it takes to run your business. You’re confident in the process and your team. To…
Strategic value business solutions

Business Solution Implementation: Tactical vs. Strategic Value

How often do you have time to sit back and reflect on your core values? How about making sure your building your competitive edge strategically? Maybe once a year at your annual meeting, which might take you off-site, you give yourself and your leadership team the physical space and time to reflect and to connect.…
Improving resource utilization

Connecting Your Business Systems to Drive Better Utilization

It’s imperative for professional services firms and project-based businesses to connect their systems of people, processes, and technology. This will, in turn, enable them to drive utilization and increase profitability. Disconnected, siloed systems – from which most businesses suffer – result in a lack of integration. This makes it impossible to track and measure what’s…

Velosio Presented with 2019 BI360 Partner of the Year Award

Velosio is honored by Solver for demonstrating customer value through delivery of improved corporate performance management processes. COLUMBUS, OH – August 27, 2019 – Velosio, a technology partner specializing in business management solutions for small and medium-sized companies and larger enterprises, was named by Solver, Inc. as the 2019 BI360 Partner of the Year Award…