New D365 Finance features

New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Features, Version 10.0.9

Modern products and business applications have enabled us to get more done with less effort – all while providing the flexibility to personalize our systems. The same goes for your ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, formerly Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, has unleashed new features every month. The goal is very simple: drive…
Medical equipment field service software

Compete and Win in the Medical Equipment Field Service Market with Modern Cloud Technology

The medical equipment maintenance market is predicted to grow to a whopping $26.4 billion by 2024, fueled by demand for testing from an aging population, developments in the medical device sector, and focus on preventive equipment maintenance. Along with the good news of a booming market, medical equipment field service is also facing new challenges:…
Growth for restaurant equipment distributors with better distribution management

Restaurant Equipment Distributors Send Customers on a Thrill Ride with RED ONE by Velosio

How do restaurant equipment distributors delight their customers while experiencing exponential growth? According to Dirk Beveridge, founder of UnleashWD, and author of the book, Anything is Possible: Using the Power of Vision to Drive Innovation in Distribution, it’s by “thrilling” your customers, and it all starts with improving your distribution management. He cites Berlin Packaging as…
Project margin erosion

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Help Improve Operations for Your Professional Services Firm?

If you provide specialized people skills to clients as the main source of revenue for your organization, you are considered a professional services firm. There are many different businesses in this space, including software implementation partners, software publishers, system integrators, management consulting firms, accounting firms, marketing agencies, and the list goes on. Key Challenges /…
Restaurant Equipment Supply

6 Challenges Restaurant Equipment Suppliers Can Overcome in the Cloud

Investing in state-of-the-art technology is one of the best ways that restaurant equipment suppliers can boost productivity, efficiency, and ultimately profitability. Unfortunately, many food service equipment suppliers either lack a technology solution or are dependent on multiple legacy and disparate systems. Without an innovative technology solution, here are six challenges that restaurant equipment suppliers can…

Four Ways to Use Bookmarks in Microsoft Power BI

When reading a book, we often bookmark sections or pages that we want to return to later. In Microsoft Power BI, you can bookmark specific views of pages much like in a book. Bookmarks in Power BI allow users to capture the current view of a report page, including the state of slicers and visuals.…
Mobile workforce management with IoT

Transform Your Field Service Model from “Break-Fix” to “It’s Fixed” with IoT

IoT is a small acronym for a big network of connected devices — the Internet of Things. According to Gartner, there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices by 2020[i], including everything from smartphones, wearable devices, cars, appliances, machine components and almost anything else that has an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. These IoT devices have the…
Switch from on-premise to cloud ERP

Are Firms Really Ditching Traditional, On-premise ERP for Cloud-Based Systems?

The answer is an unequivocal Yes! A new generation of workers and buyers raised in a cloud-driven, mobile workplace are rewriting the playbook for services and project-driven companies. They expect better metrics, process automation and a genuine customer-centric experience. Still, over 70% of companies struggle with outdated business management solutions that are costly to maintain…