Improving resource utilization

Connecting Your Business Systems to Drive Better Utilization

It’s imperative for professional services firms and project-based businesses to connect their systems of people, processes, and technology. This will, in turn, enable them to drive utilization and increase profitability. Disconnected, siloed systems – from which most businesses suffer – result in a lack of integration. This makes it impossible to track and measure what’s…

Velosio Presented with 2019 BI360 Partner of the Year Award

Velosio is honored by Solver for demonstrating customer value through delivery of improved corporate performance management processes. COLUMBUS, OH – August 27, 2019 – Velosio, a technology partner specializing in business management solutions for small and medium-sized companies and larger enterprises, was named by Solver, Inc. as the 2019 BI360 Partner of the Year Award…
Power Platform software for growers

The Power of Microsoft Office 365 for Growers

One of the first questions I ask when meeting with a new prospective customer is “do you use Office 365”? I had to laugh when a recent prospect replied, “who doesn’t”? Isn’t that the truth? There are now more than 155 million Office 365 users around the world. With a user base like that, it’s…
Business strategy improving utilization

How to Improve Utilization Through Strategic Business Changes

In previous blog posts, we laid out some of the operational changes and tactical changes professional services firms and project-based businesses can make to drive improved utilization. These are predicated on having an integrated system of people, processes, and technology that allows for data to be shared across the organization. Unfortunately, most organizations are constrained…
Microsoft Power Platform cloud technology

Turn Today’s, “That’s the Way It Is,” Barriers into Tomorrow’s “That’s the Way It Was!” with Microsoft’s Power Platform

Have you ever been in a meeting and someone asks a really great question about why a process functions in a particular way; wondering if it could be more efficient, and the end response was: “Because – that’s how it is.” You might be short on budget, resources and/or internal programmers, so the conversation is…
Microsoft Inner Circle partner

Velosio Achieves the 2019/2020 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications

Velosio is again honored by Microsoft for achieving outstanding sales achievement and innovation. COLUMBUS, OH — July 31, 2019 — Velosio, a technology partner specializing in business management solutions for small and medium-sized companies and larger enterprises, has achieved the prestigious 2019/2020 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications. Membership in this elite group is based…
Private cloud hosting

7 Ways Cloud Business Solutions Accelerate Growth

Speed. It is what auto racing is all about. In the state of Indiana, the month of May is all about one of the fastest races in the world—the Indianapolis 500. Speed has increased to the point where the poll sitter for the race careens around the 2.5-mile track at over 229 miles per hour.…
Cloud ERP for professional service firms

On-premise vs. Cloud-based ERP for Professional Service Firms: 6 Reasons to Make the Switch

Professional services and project-based business rely on efficient project management for success ⁠— spanning across all areas of their business and business systems. To minimize time spent on non-billable tasks, firms are moving from on-premise to cloud-based ERP systems. Here’s the top six reasons why we’re seeing project driven firms make the switch: Automation Increased…
NetSuite new release testing tips

NetSuite Release 2019.2: Are You Ready?

You may have received an email from Oracle stating pre-upgrade maintenance is already occurring in Sandbox accounts. When I receive these emails, I think about how I can help all clients leverage the tools available in order to provide thorough testing and validation of current processes before the new release arrives. Top 4 things to…