Designing your budget model and budget template

When it Comes to Budgeting, Measure Twice and Cut Once

It makes sense on the plant floor – do your due diligence before irrevocably cutting metal. It applies equally to a set of budget templates. Whether you’re using straight up Excel, an Excel based budget application, or a separate budget application, your budget model is likely to consist of a series of budget templates. And,…
Dealer management solution for big rigs

How to Better Manage Demand for Big Rigs with Velosio DMS

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal that states anyone ordering a new heavy-duty truck will have wait until sometime next year to get it, assuming strained manufacturing supply chains hold together. We’re talking 2019…sometime in 2019. The article further states: An unprecedented run of orders for big rigs has pushed the…
Approval workflow

Advanced Approval Process Write Back with Microsoft Flow

A robust, client-specific approval workflow and write-back engine is not a standard feature of many ERP systems, which requires BI architects and data engineers to think outside the box to deliver scalable solutions. Microsoft Flow can meet these enterprise level requirements, and can do it at a fraction of the time and cost of any…
Cloud professional service automation

Cloud Puts Power of Integrated PSA in Reach of Smaller Firms

Cloud technology coupled with subscription software models are making powerful tools easy to integrate and affordably priced. In the professional service industry, small and mid-sized organizations have relied on non-integrated and disparate systems to manage day-to-day activities, including project management, collaboration, and resource planning, among others. These limited business applications like the accounting package QuickBooks…
Office 365 multi-factor authentication

Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Within Office 365, Microsoft offers a feature called Multi-Factor Authentication. This is meant to provide an additional layer security to user sign-ins, but has also created the need to use App Passwords. An App Password allows apps to connect to Office 365 accounts.  For example, you can connect Outlook 2016 or earlier and Microsoft Dynamics…
On premise ERP vs cloud ERP

ERP Technology for Future Growth

In an earlier blog, the topic was the Benefits of a Cloud Solution. This article focuses specifically on the advantages of a Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud solution as a long-term investment for specialty contractors. In summary, the right cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) solution grows with a business. It’s even accurate to say…
Office 365 for greenhouse growers

Boosting Collaboration, Productivity and Revenue with Microsoft Office 365 for Greenhouse Growers

In recent meetings I’ve had with the grower community, common business challenges arose again and again, including: Disconnected business systems Unaligned teams operating independently from each other Uncovering missed production costs Costly, leftover inventory Sound familiar? Transaction and inventory management, strategic planning, and transportation logistics…these are all areas that require a tremendous amount of collaboration…