Overview of Microsoft Dynamics E-Learning

Interested in learning more about your business’ Microsoft Dynamics ERP software? We have Microsoft Dynamics E-Learning courses now available!

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    Interested in learning more about your business’ Microsoft Dynamics ERP software? If your business is currently enrolled in a Dynamics Service Plan, you have access to E-Learning for Microsoft Dynamics simply by signing onto CustomerSource.

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    This is a great way to get new employees educated and/or offer current employees a refresher. The best part is that the training is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The three key places to explore are My Learning, My E-Learning Transcript and E-Learning Catalog. These areas will allow you to personalize a training page just for you.

    My Learning
    The My Learning page can be used to provide a personalized work area that allows for quick and easy access to your E-Learning courses. You may add any E-Learning courses that are owned by you (part of your subscription) to the My Learning page so they can be launched directly from My Learning.

    Creating this personalized work area is simple. There are a variety of pages on the site that give you the option to add courses to My Learning. You may add courses from the E-Learning Catalog or Course page. In addition, courses that have had a lesson launched will automatically be bookmarked to My Learning. To begin, simply select the course title and click the Add to My Learning button from any of these pages.

    You may remove items from the My Learning page by selecting the check box next to the item(s) to be removed, and then clicking Remove from My Learning.

    My E-Learning Transcript
    Your transcript provides information and attendance history for the E-learning courses that you’ve accessed. Note: If no content has been accessed, the page will display a message but no content.

    To locate your transcript, click the My E-Learning Transcript link from any page on the site. On the transcript page you will see the following information:


    • E-Learning: Click the title to link to the course content page.
    • First/Last Accessed: Displays the dates of your first and latest access to any courses. A link to view attendance history displays below the accessed dates. The Attendance History page provides module and lesson titles, last accessed dates and last completed dates and times.
    • Progress: Displays the number of lessons completed out of the total number of lessons.

    E-Learning Catalog
    The E-Learning Catalog page displays all owned course content (courses that are currently part of your subscription). From the E-Learning Catalog or the Course page, you are able to bookmark courses to the My Learning page, which displays any content that has been bookmarked or launched.

    There are two different views available in the Course Catalog. The default view preference may be set on the My Preferences page under the Catalog View option.

    • Filter View: This is default view for the E-Learning Catalog page with all owned course content displayed (courses that are currently part of your subscription). You can either perform a keyword search on courses or choose from the drop-downs to select specific search criteria to locate a course or courses.
      • To perform a keyword(s) search, enter the search criteria in the keyword(s) textbox and click Go. The Catalog search results will be displayed with all courses from the entire Catalog containing a match on the specified search criteria.
      • To perform a search including other filters, select the search criteria using any of the following filters: Product, Series or Note: You may also use the keyword(s) search option along with the filter search. For example, you can enter a keyword in the text box and click Go and use the Product or other filters to narrow your original keyword search results. Note: You may only select one search filter at a time.

    Note: The Start New Search link will display once you have performed the initial search. Click this link to begin a new search at any time.

    • Browse View: This view displays course content in a collapsed state. On the E-Learning Catalog page in the Browse view, you will see three levels including the Product, Series and Collection. Simply click the plus sign to expand the level or the minus sign to collapse the level. Click Expand All to expand the entire course tree or Collapse All to collapse the entire tree. You have the option of displaying the course Description page by clicking the Course Name link.

    Remember, you can simply add courses to the My Learning page by clicking the course title and then clicking Add to My Learning from the Course page. This feature allows you to build a My Learning page that enables quick and easy access to your courses.

    If you have any questions or would like more information about Microsoft Dynamics E-Learning, please contact your Socius Account Manager.

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