New Video Released: Advanced Contracts Management and Revenue Recognition for Microsoft Dynamics AX (1 min, 41 sec)

This brief video demonstration is for current and prospective Microsoft Dynamics AX customers seeking a more efficient way to manage service contracts and revenue recognition.

If your company manages complex services contracts, then you already know that revenue recognition can be a sticky proposition, especially when dealing with multiple contracts and projects. There are times when you need to recognize all of the contracts currently open and others where you need to pick and choose which contracts to recognize. Few enterprise resource planning solutions have the capability to do this, but even then, as with Microsoft Dynamics AX, it often requires a complicated, arduous process of clicking through multiple forms or web pages. AXIO Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to recognize your contract revenue efficiently and easily account for special circumstances in just a few clicks.

Watch as an AX expert from SBS Group shows you just how easy managing contract revenue recognition can be when using AXIO Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Learn more about AXIO Enterprise Solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX by downloading our “Why AXIO” white paper!



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