New Features Released for Windows 8.1

Along with the release of Dynamics NAV2013 R2 and CRM 2013, the Windows 8.1 update is jumping on the bandwagon of exciting October releases for the Microsoft community. After the release of the Windows 8.1 preview just over a month ago, the official release date for the update will be on October 18th.

IT specialist and owner of FireLogic Technical Services, Derrick Wlodarz is one of the lucky few who has already spent a month with Windows 8.1. There are over two dozen new features that Wlodarz is excited about, spanning three major functionalities: Security, Networking & RDS, and UI & Functionality.

Here are a few of the 27 features that you can learn more about in detail on Derrick’s post:


–          Drive Encryption

–          Remote Selective Data Wipe

–          Native Biometric Recognition Support

–          Networking Behavior Monitoring in Windows Defender

Networking & RDS

–          Simple Printer Connection Options

–          Auto-Triggered VPN Access

UI & Functionality

–          Smart Search

–          Miracast for Wireless Display Projection

–          Faster and Safer IE 11

–          3D Printing Support Out-of-Box

–          Hand-in-Hand SkyDrive Integrations

–          Auto Predict for Touch Typing/Tablet Mode

Make sure to take advantage of all the improved features for Windows 8.1. With Windows XP ending support on April 8th, 2014, make sure to make the move soon! The average enterprise deployment takes at least 18 months. For more information on Windows 8.1 and related software, contact SBS Group.