Intuitive Sales Order Processing and Promising in Dynamics NAV 2015

When it comes to processing Sales Orders in Dynamics NAV 2015, the intuitive nature of the system really shines through. Each step of the way, it is anticipating what additional information that you, as the user, will need and providing it immediately.

This starts with way in which sales order numbers are generated.

Additionally, NAV makes it easy to find your customer number a couple of ways:

  • Use Lookup filters on any column
  • Start typing customer name and it will auto-complete

Once you’ve selected your customer, NAV 2015 will automatically do a credit check to alert you if there is a credit hold, if the customer is approaching their credit limit, or if they have an overdue balance.

Additionally, a fact box also appears that gives you a quick snapshot of the customer’s order history, posted shipments, etc. for reference.

The Item information will also auto-complete when you begin typing in the Description field. Additional item information is pulled up in the side-bar so that you can see within the sales order how much of that particular item is available in inventory. Also, f you are ordering an item quantity that exceeds what is available, a “Check Availability” screen will pop up and you will see not only the quantity that IS available but also the earliest date that the inventory WILL BE available.

Based on previous delivery times, the system will automatically input a Planned Shipment Date based on the request Delivery Date. When you click “Available to Promise” it will then update your Planned Shipment Date and Earliest Delivery Date to align with when the item will be available to ship. You can then communicate that information directly back to your customer.

See this intuitive process in action in this 6 minute video:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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