Microsoft Launches Management Reporter to Replace FRx

Microsoft has taken their first step down the road to deliver broader performance management capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics ERP users by releasing Management Reporter.

Management Reporter is replacing Microsoft FRx by extending its proven functionality and enabling people to quickly and easily create, generate, help secure and publish professional-looking financial statements, such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports, and will allow them to take advantage of the following:

  • Custom reports that can be created by the finance team, thereby reducing the burden on the IT department.
  • Deep cross-functional analysis that provides easy and accurate financial reporting, intercompany reconciliations and eliminations.
  • Reduced training time and increased productivity with a familiar user interface and reporting tools that enable users to easily transition from Microsoft Office applications to the similar navigation pane and toolbars in Management Reporter.
  • Strong data integrity and report accuracy with support for regulatory requirements, such as generally accepted accounting practices and international financial reporting standards.

Management Reporter functionality goes beyond what FRx had to offer by including:

Direct integration to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP general ledger that aids in simplified, real-time reporting with greater accuracy.

Reusable building blocks of Report, Row, Column and Tree definitions that can be mixed and matched to produce a wide variety of boardroom-quality reports.

A Report Library is where reports can be secured, stored, and viewed.

Management Reporter is available at no additional cost to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 users and will be available with all future releases of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.

Learn more about Management Reporter and download FAQs and Tips & Tricks for migrating from FRx.

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