Microsoft Dynamics CRM ranked as the Industry Leader for Midsized and Large Organizations

In their annual Forrester Wave, Forrester Research ranked Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the strongest customer relationship management software solution for both midsized and large businesses.  The Wave charts 19 CRM solutions based on the strength of their current product, their future development strategy, and their market-share. Each solution is ranked based on 516 different criteria.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is #1 for Midsized Businesses


As you can see, Dynamics CRM is the outright leader in all three categories in the midmarket.  According to Forrester, Microsoft CRM’s strengths are its flexibility, ease and speed of implementation, and pricing structure that suits the midsized businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Balances Strengths Best for Large Organizations


Microsoft Dynamics CRM was found to have the strongest balance of existing capabilities and future strategy to meet the requirements of large organizations.  Microsoft’s current offering proved to be stronger than, and their future strategy exceeded those of industry heavyweights, Oracle Siebel and SAP.


Forrester Blogger William Band stated that the native integration to Outlook in both the on-premises and SaaS deployments of the solution was sited by users as one of it’s greatest advantages in both the large business and midmarket spaces.

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