Marketing Agencies Shorten the Pitch-to-Cash Cycle

Making data readily available and easy to analyze, as well as offering customizable interfaces and access levels, users work quicker, smarter, and better.

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    In any industry the ability to go from beginning a project to completing (and monetizing) the project quickly is vital. For a marketing agency, in particular, limiting the time between pitch and cash can give your organization the edge over its competitors. NetSuite has the tools needed to get you from pitch to cash quicker. The two biggest tools NetSuite offers to minimize the amount of time it takes to get from pitch to cash both concern access to data.

    NetSuite offers faster access to data and information, across all users. No matter their department, users have access to all the info they could need at their fingertips. Users are able to create “portlets”, customizable dashboards, showing information vital to their particular needs. These portlets offer drill-down ability, allowing users to not only see their data, but go deeper with high level graphs, tables, and KPI reports whenever they need, all in one place. NetSuite also offers Global Search Functionality, allowing users to search through all data in the system, drastically reducing time spent in menu based navigation. It also offers the ability to create custom alerts and reports, allowing users to set them up to suit their unique needs.

    The other key tool for decreasing the time spent getting from pitch marketing agency to cash is NetSuite’s role-based access feature, designed to give the right people the right access at all times. Each type of access, such as CFO, Account Manager, even general users, is uniquely suited to that role, offering tools for managing, tracking, and visualizing all the data your organization needs, all with the aforementioned drill-down functionality. By using customized portlets, NetSuite increases the availability of needed data, increasing efficiency across the board.

    By making data readily available and easy to analyze, as well as offering customizable interfaces and access levels, NetSuite empowers users to work quicker, smarter, and better. With these tools your employees will be better equipped and more efficient, taking you from pitch to cash quicker.

    Learn more in this whitepaper:  Shortening the Quote-to-Cash Cycle

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