Managing Prospects using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When you work with a large database of prospects it can be a challenge to manage your leads and know which ones to focus on. There are numerous methods that can be used to evaluate leads for qualification purposes. One method is the Weighted BANT. This method is really quite simple to use and integrate into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system using no code. It operates on four criteria for evaluating leads:

  • Budget: Determine if they have enough in their budget for a new solution.
  • Authority: Are you speaking to the person who has authority to make decisions?
  • Need: Can this lead be helped by the current products/projects?
  • Time: Identify the timeframe of the prospect.

By implementing a simple scoring system and creating four prompts using CRM forms, you can quickly manage the prospect evaluation process. In this post Using “Weighted BANT” Lead Qualification process with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the CRM team explains step-by-step how you can implement this simple but effective system. If you would like to find out more information on our CRM solutions contact us online.

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